Senate Revision Amendment. In the analysis of sections under this chapter heading, a new item, '14. Applicability to Canal Zone.', was inserted by Senate amendment, to follow underneath item 13, inasmuch as a new section 14, with such a catchline, was inserted, by Senate amendment, in this chapter.

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Code of Virginia - Wikipedia The Code of Virginia is the statutory law of the U.S. state of Virginia, and consists of the codified legislation of the Virginia General Assembly.The 1950 Code of Virginia is the revision currently in force. The previous official versions were the Codes of 1819, 1849, 1887, and 1919, though other compilations had been printed privately as early as 1733, and other editions have been issued.

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Sterling Codifiers, Inc. South Jordan City, Utah City Code This code was last updated by ordinance 2018-14 passed July 17, 2018. Click here to see recently passed ordinances that have not been codified.