Do you Know Your Case Knife Blade? Whether you're a seasoned collector and just need to brush up on your blade shapes, or a new collector looking to expand your knowledge of knives, you will find the descriptions on the Case Knife blades below a necessary tool.

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Learn to Read the Case Pattern Code The same dating system was used during the 1980s. The differences are the “lightning” form of the letter S in Case and USA and the fact that the dots were put above the USA. From 1990 to mid-1993, the actual date was stamped on the tang.

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How to Identify and Date a Case Knife | General Hobbies. DATING - the next process is to know how to date your case knife. this means to know when it was made. case used different tang stamps throughout different periods and you can use these tang stamps to date your case knife. the attached image shows you examples of the tang stamps and tells you when they were used.

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Case Collectible Folding Knives for sale | eBay The knife has Case XX USA and 1 Dot on the master Clip blade front tang stamp, dating it to 1989. It is #200 of only 750 of the Mint Sets issued. Each was engraved with the Case 'Long Tail C' and Serial Numbered.

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Case Knife Dating Guide - Case Guide Dating Knife A. Dating Site Blogs R. Real Life Speed Dating KNIFE HUNT ; Case XX; German Bull; KNIFE GUIDE KNIFE GUIDE Click a logo to learn more, Collecting Case Knives: Below is a picture of where the stamp is located, along with the most common stamps and the years that they were used.

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How to Identify Case Knives | Our Pastimes Most knife manufacturers introduce some jigging pattern into handles, but Case has the largest variety and a few proprietary jigging patterns. Tip All of the above will help you narrow down your knife to a model, year and more.

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How to Date Puma Knives | Gone Outdoors | Your Adventure. Dating a Knife With a Two-Digit Code If your knife has a two-digit code, such as 17/RC, determining the year of manufacture is simple. The two-digit code is the year in the current century the product was made.

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How Old is My Buck Knife? - Buck® Knives OFFICIAL SITE How Old is My Knife? BUCK’S DATE CODE CHART. The symbols stamped onto your blade indicate which year your knife was made. Please refer to this chart to find out the age of your knife.

11 Re: Dating your case knife Help Pages Continue this tutorial if you need to know how to determine the year of a Case knife. Dating Case Knives After 1970 every Case knife can be associated with an individual year. Before 1970, knives are associated with an era. To find a particular knife, the collector may frequently search for a model number and the year, so the collector must be.

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Case Knives from Knife Center A unique tang stamp dating system used since the very early days of its history has cemented the Case brand as one of the most recognized and valuable collectibles in the industry.. If you believe your Case knife has a manufacturing defect, mail your knife along with a written explanation of the problem to: W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co.